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Chelsea Abena Hayes
24 & Tired

What's happening everybody? Thank you for checking out my blog. I am currently a 24 year old lady, who lives in Italy. You're probably wondering how I got here. Well my wonderful husband, who sacrifices for not only our family but for our country is apart of the U.S. Air Force. You may think, wow this girl must drink wine and travel everywhere! This is only sort of true and one of the reasons why I wanted to start blogging.


A fun fact about me is I've lived in Italy before. When I was a junior in college (Go Rams 🐏), I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I believe that is where my husband (then boyfriend) jinked us, because when he came to visit me while I was abroad he kept saying how he could see us living in Italy one day. 

To say my life is anything but ordinary is to say that the sky is not blue. But I know every crazy experience I've encountered or have yet to encounter is just lesson to be learned or a new story to laugh about later.


So please make yourself at home here, and I hope you enjoy the ride :)

Justin Hayes

The Hubs

The goof ball of us all, and the one who stole my heart back in 2015. I am blessed to have him along with me on the wild journey called Life. He truly just gets me. 


Chelsea Hayes

The Blogger of this Shindig 

Just writing some stuff and hoping people like it and maybe laugh a little.

Milo Hayes

Our Fur Baby

The cutest pup of them all. I mean don't we all believe our pups are the cutest? Born in Italy and raised by two nut jobs I'd say he's a pretty happy German Shepherd.



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