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Meet our Fur Baby: Milo

Justin and I became dog parents on November 16, 2019. You might be thinking wow, y'all got married, moved overseas and got a dog? Yeah, we can't really believe we did all that either.

If you missed that story feel free to check it out here.

Justin and I always knew we wanted to get a dog, so it was kind of a no brainer for us to get one. We didn't necessarily have a preference for the breed, we knew that we wanted a dog that could be there for us. Especially when Justin would be away. We thought we would wait until we found our house, but when the opportunity presented itself we just went for it.

So Without further ado....

Let me tell you bout' our best friend, Milo 🐶

Currently, Milo is 5 months old. He was born on October 1, 2019. We had the pleasure of meeting him through an Italian Breeder, Allevamento Pastore Tedesco Ginevra Dell' Abbazia. The husband and wife have committed their lives to breeding pure-bred German shepherds. Their daughter Ludovica, who speaks both Italian and English helps them as well.

From the start, they took the time to show us the characteristics of all the puppies they had and taught us a bit of the history of German shepherds. But to be honest with y'all, I was just so distracted by all the cuteness!

Since this was both Justin and I's first time being dog parents, we weren't too sure what questions to ask. The breeders took their time with us, and walked us through everything! They even provided us with dog food, the leash, and all the vaccines that Milo would need for the beginning stages of his life.

That truly helped us with the transition. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone looking to get their first-time pup or add another pup to your family!

A big thank you to Allevamento Pastore Tedesco Ginevra Dell' Abbazia!

Naming Milo:

When we meet Milo for the first time, Justin and I could not settle on a name. Some of the names we were choosing between were Jax, Olly, and Mason. Justin prefered Jax, but I personally I knew deep down our pup looked like a Milo. If that even makes sense haha.

So in order to make a decision we sought out the opinion of our Instagram followers.

And then it came down to the two...

Let us know if you would have chosen differently in the comments. I'm curious to see what you all think!

Life with Milo:

Every day I find myself, smiling just knowing that we have our own dog. I can honestly say that Milo has taught me three important things as a dog mom.

1. Patience

Every pup goes through its stages and they have to learn. In the beginning, Milo

would pee and poop everywhere. I mean everywhere. But he learned and it took some time. Then he would bite and almost destroy our furniture. But he learned then too.

2. Accountability

He will bark at me and Justin if we forget to feed him. So he definitely keeps us accountable for his feeding time!

3. Love

Dogs forget things easily. You could have accidentally stepped on their paw, but a minute later they are giving you a bunch of love and licks! It reminds me to not hold grudges and to keep the ones that matter most close to you.

Although it has only been 5 months, I am excited or all of the great things we will experience together.

Thank you all for checking out this post! If you are thinking about getting a dog definitely consider it. If you have one feel free to drop a comment below with a photo of your fur baby!

If you are interested, check out Milo's Instagram page @Milo_thegoodshepherd for all the fun and furry content.

Stay tuned for more,

xoxo Chelsea Abena

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